A Fragmented Life
By Carson Kendall Smith, Speaker, Artist, Writer

The inspiring and true story of a boy growing up undiagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and Asperger's Syndrome during the late 1940's and 1950's. A Fragmented Life tells how a fearful child with a distorted view of the world, experienced life through the prism of Tourette. However, the normal world of others was bizarre, confusing, and strange to him.

It is filled with the scattered thoughts and emotions as he endured mental, verbal and physical abuse from adults and other children. Unlike those diagnosed in later years, life in the 1950's and 1960's was much different for unfortunate souls carrying the burden of this rare and then practically unknown neurological disorder.

The story begins at age five when Kendall first suffered the onset with a seizure. It follows him from a difficult childhood, into a troubled teenager and through a complicated adulthood. It recounts failed opportunities, relationships, and a critical injury that led to his financial, social, and emotional devastation at age thirty-seven. However, the hardships forged a closer relationship with God, and concludes with an uplifting revelation following his diagnosis in 1991 at age forty-eight.

A Fragmented Life ends with acceptance, vindication, and concludes with an inspiring triumph of spirit against overwhelming hardships.

Kendall served 18 years as a Board Member for the Georgia Chapter of the Tourette Syndrome Association. He was responsible for the proliferation of Tourette Support Groups throughout Georgia and the Southeast United States.

Since 1993, he served on the Georgia Chapter Speakers Bureau. He has conducted numerous seminars, in-services and made motivational speeches to thousands of educators, parents and civic groups.

In 1998, Kendall developed a technique to allow children with self-injurious tics to alter the expression to another part of the body where it is less dangerous, painful, and disturbing.

In 2002, in a ceremony at the Tourette Syndrome National Convention in Washington, D.C., he was given the award Volunteer of the Year for the entire United States.

In 2004, at St. Simons Island Convention Center, the Cedarwood Psycho-Ed Association of Georgia presented him with the Friend of the Child award. Cedarwood is an association of special education teachers for the state of Georgia.

Kendall is available to come to your location to serve as keynote or motivational speaker.

He tells his life story growing of up on a rural Georgia farm. His family was poor and his young years were filled with hard labor, mocking, and emotional turmoil. From his humble beginnings and in spite of his disastrous downfall, he managed to earn a college degree and raise two sons.

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